Monday, August 01, 2005

In search of clean water

Well this weekend a group of Greens took a bunch of innercity to the woods. To the springs to be exact beautiful gin colored pools of blue. Flowing straight out of mother nature pure and clean. We wanted the kids to see clean water, to swim in it, to revel in the magic that it is.

So the day before when I called the park to confirm, I was shocked to find that the springs were closed to swimmers due to bacterial contimination. So much for clean water.

We went to a nearby spring instead, of whose water quality thankfully we were unaware.

Story of my life. You can want something with your entire being, but your handed what you are handed.

The kids still had a great time, and I learned that just because it looks clean, it doesn't mean it is. Tomorrow, a few of our local Greens will be volunteering by participating in take a kid fishing day.

This Saturday our local Greens are organizing buses to an amazing Rally in Atlanta. To find out more about the buses we are orgainizing go to .

To find out about the rally in Atlanta we are taking buses to go to:

These buses are going to be the roadtrip of all time. The list of bus riders reads like an all stars of Florida activism. You should be on the bus too!

It not too late you know.

And if you cant get on the bus, you can sponsor someone else. Skip something this week. Send an activist to work.

Its good to be Green!

Keep your eyes out for the busiest electoral season in the Green Party of Florida's History.



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