Friday, July 28, 2006

Malachy McCourt Hits Street Festivals To Get 15,000 Signatures In His Bid For Governor of New York State

Malachy McCourt Hits Street Festivals To Get 15,000 Signatures In His Bid For Governor of New York State

Where can you find Malachy McCourt these days? The 74-year-old author/activist can be found, clipboard in hand, at street fairs and festivals covering the area between New York City and Woodstock trying to get on the ballot for Governor.

In May, at a convention in Albany, the Green Party of New York State (GPNYS) nominated Malachy McCourt for Governor. That was the easy part, since he won by acclamation.

Now, McCourt needs to get 15,000 signatures from all around the state to earn a place on the ballot in November. With Malachy McCourt’s celebrity—he has appeared on radio, movies and even soap operas, and has a NY Times best-selling book, “A Monk Swimming”-- and the tenacious activists in the Green Party helping him petition, there are great hopes for success. Still 15,000 is a lot of signatures. And, in order to protect from potential “challenges” to the petitions, the goal is to file at least 30,000.

Malachy McCourt is hopeful, noting: “A trio of us got close to 500 signatures on the weekend in approximately 4 hours.” The trio included his wife, Diana McCourt, who is known for her activism in the disability community and her work to close down Willowbrook in the 1970’s.

Malachy is part of a slate of candidates nominated by the Green Party. One of Malachy’s key issues is to bring home the National Guard from Iraq, so that they can help here at home. Since all of the Green Party statewide candidates are pledged to use their office to bring an end to the War in Iraq, they have been named “The Green Party Peace Slate.”

The GPNYS has hired Judith Einach of Buffalo as the Statewide Petition Coordinator to help get the job done. She is assisted by a crew of volunteer, regional coordinators throughout the state.

Einach notes that the strategy has been for Greens to “walk neighborhoods, visit summer fairs and festivals, and stand on crowded street corners filling up page after page with signatures.” McCourt and his friends petitioned at the Rosendale Street Festival in Ulster County last weekend, gathering signatures while music played in the background. Jim Brown, a Malachy supporter and a Green candidate for Congress in the 3rd CD, petitioned at the Long Beach Medical Center Health Fair. Even further east, two sets of volunteers petitioned at the Slainte Irish Festival in Patchogue.

One of the early signers of the petition was Larry Kirwan, of the band, Black-47. Kirwan’s signature is on display at Malachy’s campaign web-site. Having politically active, Cultural Creatives such as Larry Kirwan on board has been a big boost to the Malachy for Governor campaign. In fact, it was Kirwan’s suggestion to set up the MySpace account for Malachy, which brought a big boost to the campaign this week, with lots of bands and bloggers attaching themselves to the campaign.

The Greens are not an official “party” under New York State Law. Instead, they are considered an “independent body.” That makes it harder to run candidates. Though, it also means that any voter in New York can sign the petition, and any voter in New York can gather signatures.

Downloadable petitions are available at many places on the web, including Malachy’s campaign web-site,, and the state Green Party web-site, Or, follow those links to find e-mails and phone numbers for Malachy’s campaign, the statewide coordinator, or your local contacts.


Malachy’s web-site:

Jim Brown is running for Congress in the 3rd Congressional District (Nassau/Suffolk)
Jim Brown’s web-site:

Green Party of New York State web-site:

Monday, July 03, 2006

My first batch of Endorsements for GPUS Steering Committee!

From zool, Amazing Green Party Activist, personal inspiration and friend:


"Having been to jail with Echo--twice in one day, for anti-war protests at the Pentagon and
White House--I know that she has the brass to be an asset on the national steering committee
of the Green Party of the United States."


From Donald Cavanaugh, a local journalist and social activist, who has covered my work:

I am writing to endorse Sarah Steiner in her campaign for Steering Committee of the Green Party of the United States.

As a journalist and freelance writer, I have covered many of the political and social activities that have taken place in Lake Worth and Palm Beach County over the past three years.It seemed that whenever there was an issue of social justice or assistance for our neighbors who have no voice, Sarah was there, offering her hands, her heart and her help.

The work she has recently done for migrant workers in Lake Worth being evicted from housing for code violations is but one of the latest examples of her commitment to humanity and human dignity.

And she never fails to leave the message that she is part of the Green Party and this is what the Greens do. I don’t think you could find a better candidate. She has the visibility, commitment and stamina to promote the party's cause.

Donald Cavanaugh

From Allan Taylor, an PBC ACLU board member whom I have worked on Free Trade, Peace, and Counter Recruitment issues with:

Dear Echo-I will be happy to endorse you. I consider you a dedicated progressive who knows how to get things done. And you can quote me on that!!
Allan Taylor

From Ann Fonfa, a local activist that I have worked on women's, peace, and social justice issues with:

June 29, 2006
To Whom It May Concern:

I first met Echo when I relocated to South Florida in 2003. She was one person I saw over and over at various progressive political events - election problems, women's issues, anti-war, etc.

I know her to be incredibly committed and able to work toward consensus - this I have personally observed. She is very smart and knows how to work with others well.
In our area of South Florida, Echo is a leader, and an outstanding advocate for what she believes in.

I wholeheartedly endorse her for a position on the Steering Committee of the Green Party of the United States.


Ann E. Fonfa
co-president, North Palm Beach County
chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW)
South Palm Beach County Health Chair. NOW
Palm Beach County Citizens for Peace and Justice
Boca Peace Corner, Delray Peace Corner
Founder and President

From Judith Grant, Green Party Activist:

I endorse you!

From Clint Curtis, Congressional Candidate and Election Reform Whistleblower:

I would be glad to endorse you.

Comment for campaign.

I have worked on several projects with Sarah involving election reform. She is a great organizer, tireless worker, and shows greater commitment to the cause than almost anyone else I have encountered. She is a great asset to any party.

Clint Curtis
Vote Fraud Whistleblower
Democratic Candidate US Congress FL-24

From Drew Martin local Sierra and Solar Energy Activist:


I believe that you have been an effective community leader in promoting
environmental concerns and social justice.


From John Pauly, PBC ACLU Attorney, Human Rights Activist, who has been
Involved in International Election Oversite work with the Carter center:

hey echo, i'd love to endorse you. i'll write something up this weekend and email it to you.

good luck, john

From Susan Moseley, local Green, organizer of the Palm Beach County Peace
and Justice Coalition:

I would like to endorse Echo Steiner for Steering Committee of the Green Party of the United States. I think she would be good for this role. I have worked with her both inside and outside of the party, and in coalition with local peace and justice groups.

Echo has demonstrated strong leadership ability and she enthusiastically conveys the beauty of the ten key values. Couple that with her experience with balancing large budgets, experience organizing on a shoe string, and proficient project management skills, and it is clear that she would be an asset to the GPUS Steering Committee

From Henry Lawrence, Florida Green, Bicycle Activist, friend and hopeful soon to be Green Candidate for State House:

Echo, You know you have MY Endorsement. Please use my name however you need to. There are many who are still involved with the GPUS SC and NC who remember my name and face, at least from Milwaukee, who know I am a Peace Maker as well.


From YOU!:
If you would like to endorse my candidacy,
please email me at

with the subject of GPUS SC

My Bio For Steering Committee

I have been involved with activism since high school, when I first began marching for environmental , peace and justice, and anti-nuke issues. However, it was not until I made initial contact with the Green Party that I began to make the transition from activist to organizer.

I currently serve as Co-Chair of the Palm Beach County Green Party. The PBC Green Party has run two candidates and won both elections. I worked on both campaigns extensively, from the initial recruiting through the wins. Through my local, I have worked on tenant issues, hurricane relief, immigration issues, election reform, environmental, and a slew of other causes.

I became involved at the state level in 2001 as a delegate from my local to the Green Party of Florida.

At the state level, I have served as Co-Chair of the state party for two years. Some of the issues I have worked on at the state level are Coordinating a Green Relief Camp in Suwanee Florida for the hurricane survivors, organizing a Green presence at the Miami FTAA and Ft. Lauderdale OAS protests, organizing a successful lawsuit against the city of Ft. Lauderdale striking down protest rules related to the OAS protest, election reform work, Green campaigns, and lots of peace work.

I have served as a delegate to the GPUS from Florida since 2003. I currently serve on the GPAX committee and am a member of the NWC. I volunteer at the National office when I travel through the DC area. And visit Greens throughout the country while traveling.

I was honored to be selected as one of two MC's at the Green Party rally in DC last September. Two days later, I was arrested twice for committing Civil Disobedience opposing the wars as a Green.

Professionally, I am the administrative director and national marketing director, of mobile medical company.

My purpose of running is to work on building bridges and creating a more positive dialog at the national level. I have established positive working relationships and friendships with Greens from a diversity of philosophical backgrounds. I consider my ability to listen constructively to criticism and to also speak tough truth in the spirit of peace making the greatest assets I bring to the table..

I would like to see the National dialog turn to a more constructive use of our delegates time, and to be a safe place to create and nourish a national strategy.

My candidacy was unanimously approved at the last meeting of the GPF.

To find out more about me and who is endorsing my campaign go to:

GPUS Steering Committee

I am running for one of three seats open on the Green Party of the United States SC. Here's my letter I sent out asking folks to endorse. If you want to endorse too, send an email that says SC Endorsement in the subject to

Dear Friends,

I am working on creating materials and other items for my campaign for Sterering Committee of the Green Party of the United States. As part of my campaign strategy, I am seeking endorsements, comments or quotes about why others think I would be good for this role. I am asking folks who have worked with me both inside and outside of the party, from a broad spectrum of political and geographical backgrounds for their input.

I trust my commitment to bridge building in the party and my dedication to striving to create a more peacefully culture in the Party are well known. I hope that the work I have put into building the party will pay off with your support.

I would be honored, if you chose to endorse me. And further honored, if you would like to submit a comment or quote with that endorsement. These may be used in my campaign materials for steering committee.

Here's some things I feel I bring to the table: ENTHUSIASM!, Commitment to the ten key values, an established network in the social justice movement to help build the party, experience with balancing large budgets, experience organizing on a shoe string, strong project management skills, a willingness to disagree in a respectful matter, the ability to say the tough truths while doing so seeking positive dialogue, an eagerness to reachout to those who disagree, a history of activism and involvement at the national, state, and local level, a four time elected delegate from my state to the National Committee of the GPUS, experience as two term Co-Chair of the Green Party of Florida, the ability to articulately represent the GPUS to the media, a dedication to working towards our ideals both thru electoral politics and direct action, and the brass to go to jail for what I believe.

If you think, I would be an asset to GPUS Steering Committee, I hope I will have your support.

Please, email me with your endorsements at this address with GPUS SC in the subject line.

GPAX Rocks,

PS. I am also sending to a few friends who I understand may not be able to endorse due to conflicts of interest, in those cases, this is an FYI

Monday, March 20, 2006

3rd Anniversary in South Florida

Greetings Earthlings,

The third anniversary events in West Palm went very well. We gathered next to the county courthouse. Members from the Greens, Raging Grannies, Code Pink, MFSO, NOW, ACLU and many other groups took part.

From there we marched from the courthouse, thru the monstrous beougious shopping at City Place and ended on Tamarind and Okeechobee across from the Kravitz.

We had about 175 people total throughout the event.

The only incident involved a yuppie driving over one of the marchers foot and hitting him hard enough to knock of the car's side view mirror. The car stopped for a moment and then bolted. The cops caught up with him and I left the criminal justice system to deal with the rest.

We had good coverage on all the local stations. The Post and Sentinel both put us on the front page.

So how were the events at other locations?


Saturday, March 18, 2006

My speech to be delivered today

Hello Beautiful People. My name is Echo Steiner.

I am a mother of a beautiful daughter,
who I did not raise to kill some other mother's child.

I am Co-Chair of the Florida Green Party and the co- secretary of the National Green Party's Peace action Committee.

I am a Military Family Speaks Out member, with a brother in the reserves who has already served one tour in this bloody occupation.

I'm a member of Code Pink, the ACLU, the SDS, and NOW.

I am an election reform activist, and co founder the Palm Beach Coalition for Election Reform, hoping one day we have the tools to run fair, transparent and reverifiable elections, that are not controlled by the corporate parties.

And I am tired of fucking marching..

We have marched.

We have marched in Lake Worth. We marched in Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, West Palm, New York, San Fransisco, DC, and every nook and cranny of this world.

We have sent emails to our elected officials, faxed them, wrote them, and called them.

My feet are tired.
My inbox is full.
My fax is out of Ink.
And my calls have been unanswered.

I am sick of trying to convince some paid off elected, who the corporate media tells me is a progressive Dem, that the war is a racket.




The movement needs a different strategy.

The world cant wait for the Dems to lose another election in 2008 for you to be ready to work for antiwar candidates.

The strategy that many of you have used to vote for Pro war Democratic candidates, in hopes that they will kill a little slower than the Pro War republicans has cost too many lives.

We must elect antiwar candidates,
and if your party can not come up with one, or worse yet, in Kuciniches case, when they refuse to support them,

then you must vote your HOPES NOT YOUR FEARS.

Mario Savio, a voice from this country's Free Speech movement said “conscience is the court of last resort."

How did your conscience feel when you voted for Kerry? And hows it gonna feel when you vote for Hillary, who currently is calling for a troop increase of 80,000 while our own rabid warmongering president is talking about reductions?

Mario also said...
"There's a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can't take part, you can't even passively take part, and you've got to put your bodies on the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you've got to make it stop! And you've got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it, that unless you're free, the machine will be prevented from working at all!"

So I am sick of fucking marching.

I am sick of seeing you folks, many who I love and admire, break my heart again and again, by marching away from the rally and marching into a booth to vote for a prowar candidate.

I think its time those of us who will not accept a war candidate begin to put our bodies on the gears and upon the wheels.

It's time that we attack this so called two party system and refuse to touch the black box screen of any more millionaire bomb throwers.

Its time to get antiwar candidates elected,








Get your Marching Boots on

This week is the third anniversary. And I bet if you left now, you could find somewhere to march.

Go speak out! Don't let them kill in our name, without resistance.

"There's a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can't take part, you can't even passively take part, and you've got to put your bodies on the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you've got to make it stop! And you've got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it, that unless you're free, the machine will be prevented from working at all!"--Mario Savio

Put your body on the gears!


Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Greens Mourn Tom Fox, Peace Worker and Hostage Murdered in Iraq

Greens Mourn Tom Fox, Peace Worker and Hostage Murdered in Iraq

search: irq, fpol, dpol


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