Wednesday, September 28, 2005

How I spent my time in DC

Hopefully everyone knows this weekend there were over 300,000 people in DC to call to END THE WAR NOW! It was an amazing event and is truly a sign of the rising tide against this war. The dawn is upon us, and America has woken to the call of a Mother for her sun. Cindy Sheehan ROCKS! If you have not seen this woman speak live you must. Her whole being eminates love and compassion.

Ralph Nader also gave an inspiring speech and took the time to pitch for Kevin Zeese Green Senatorial Candidate in Maryland. Cindy also attended a Campaign Rally for Kevin Zeese on Tuesday night.

As many of you may know, Monday, I was arrested for the first time for committing civil disobedience at the pentagon with around 40 other amazing people. Luckily they let me out in time to make it to the whitehouse where I again was arrested for committing civil disobedience with around 378 other people. Some of those who were arrested with me yesterday were Cindy Sheehan, Cornell West, and Medea Benjamin. I also was arrested with a group of Green FSU students who just set up a campus Greens chapter. They very much want to get involved with us and are especially interested in IRV and running candidates. I look forward to helping the Campus Greens and Leon Greens continue to grow together.

I was one of the last folks to get arrested and on the last bus from the white house. Although I was there as a Green, with a green sign, the greens in my affinity group were all taken in before me. I was asked to join the code pinkers in their circle and was arrested with a circle of around 40 women. We shared a bus and songs, and organized from the lock up cell, and spent roughly 8 hours ( I released at 1:30 a.m.). Although others with me didnt get out until after four a.m. So it was a very long night.

The previous record for arrest for civil disobedience at the whitehouse was around 90. Yesterday we more than quadrupled that. Next time we will do it again. I hope you will be with me.

If you do not feel the tide is turning to stop the war, come with me to DC sometime and you can see for yourself.


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