Monday, January 30, 2006

Marching with Swine

Not too long after the OAS march a friend asked me about a street medic they thought was sketchy. I thought back and could not recall anyone from the discription. He was really tweaked about it. He had a feeling that something was not right and kept bringing it up time and again.

Then all of sudden the story broke. ANNA is a pig. She infiltrated many, many groups and events in the last few years. Many activists are in jail due to her work. So then my friend sends around the link to the Portland Indy Media site where there is an article about her and her infiltration. The main picture of her isnt very good so I couldnt tell much from it. But my friend who was on to her all along calls and said, hey there is a picture of her with you in the same picture. If you go to the article when you scroll down others have added links. And lo and fucking behold there the filth is a few feet from me lining up for the OAS march at the union hall.

I am including the picture so when the pig comes out again we will all know what she is up to. Please read up on her at Indy media, with links to mainstream news articles for the speculative. I am the one in Green. She is the only ones whose face is not blocked out in the picture with the medic kit.

We all know about domestic spying. We all know it isnt just for alqueda contacts. That it includes folks like you and me: Grandmas, Students, Military Family, Quakers, Catholic Workers, Unions, etc...

But it really made my skin crawl when the spook had a face and she was standing right next to me in the photo.

No mask to hide behind now Anna. Back to the NRA and GOP conventions for you!

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