Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Hafta stop Cafta

Tonight, I will be going to the Lake Worth City Commission to try to encourage the commission to pass a proposal stating its opposition to CAFTA.

There is growing dissent among the Dems I speak to about their parties failure to prevent passage of such resolutions as CAFTA, NAFTA, Patriot Act, and of course the wars.

It would be one thing if the dems opposed these things and the Reps just had the numbers.

But the Dems joined the Reps and screwed the rest of us again.

So Dems at the top, flock to the Republican. Thats ok.

Because Dems at the bottom are flocking to the Greens.

I'll take one good hardcore Grassroots activist on my team any day, over one has been sell out legislator (this means you Bill Nelson). This brings me to MoveOn's latest ploy in Florida. They sent out an email asking their members ( a joke of a term, since apparently being a member doesnt even give you the right to know the phone number to contact them) or should I say email recipients to pick who they wanted Move On to support. Bill Nelson or Catherine Harris. They went further. They painted Nelson as a liberal progressive. A liberal who voted for the war, the patriot Act, and CAFTA.

Dont do us Floridians any favors Move ON. Move Over and admit what you are. A shill for the Dems. You may be able to confuse the asleep at the wheel masses. But any real progressive in Florida knows Bill Nelson is no Democrat. Is the Party so desperate that you will run anyone just to say you have the numbers. You cant even get your numbers to vote for your causes.

You can't spoil what is already rotten. And the democratic legislators that crossed party lines to vote against labor, environmentalist, and human rights workers should be challenged by true progressives.

I suggest folks hit the delete key when Move On writes and organize to run progressives agressively.


On a side note, today's Palm Beach Post had a picture of a teenage boy struck by lightning. As a pacificist I must try not to find pleasure in others harm. I must also say that the boy is perfectly fine and is doing well. However, the picture the post chose to run was the teenager holding the cap he was wearing when the bolt of lightning descended from the heavens and let loose on his scalp.

I almost died laughing. You see I have this thing about the Rebel Flag. I think it's a disgusting racist behavior to fly and sport something as offensive to folks as that image is. And the boy was struck by lightning right on his rebel flag hat. Now if that isn't a message from God, then I don't know what is.

The moral of my story. Lay off the racist attire. And whatever you do dont wear it on a golf course. God hates golfers too.

Thats all thats fit to print today.


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