Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Time to grab the tent

So tomorrow Peace Groups around the country are calling for a day of solidarity for Cindy Sheehan. Our local Groups will gather at 7:30. And all over the country folks are dusting off that camping gear.

Because you dont have to go to Crawford, to be a part of Camp Casey. Because Camp Casey is more than a ditch on the side of a road on the way to a billionaires house. Camp Casey has a tent pitched in hearts in every city in the country. And now satellite Camp Casey's are springing up.

So the weekend is almost here. If you can't get to Crawford. Be Crawford. Be where you are at gather your local friends together and have yourself a nice weekend in the tents. Sleep under the stars, the same stars Cindy will sleep in. The same stars that our troops sleep in tents under. Let us be one under the stars this weekend.

I wanted to share the latest piece from Cindy to cross my monitor. She is a woman of steel and there are a million more where she came from. They are awaking to her call.

And now they have more room to camp! The entire country is our Campground! Whose Campground? Our Campground!

Tuesday, August 16th, 2005
The Peaceful Occupation of Crawford (Day 10);
Misses and Miracles

-- a message from Cindy Sheehan, Crawford, TX

We still have so many great things happening at Camp Casey. In spite of all the smears and lies,
people are still coming.

The most amazing thing today was learning that Camp Caseys are opening and spreading all over the country. They have been set up in Boston, Portland, Seattle, and elsewhere. If you can't make it to Camp Casey, set up your own version. Camp Caseys are amazing places full of love and hope. I am so gratified that the movement is spreading.

There is a meeting tomorrow at the County Commissioner's meeting to vote on closing Prairie
Chapel Road and then evicting us. We were all worried about that and planning on being arrested when we got the best news yet. The property owner who owns property near Bush's ranch and right across the street from Bush's church will let us move Camp Casey there!! He has property on both sides of the road ... a full acre for us to camp!

We are so excited!!! We can fit more people and we will be closer to the ranch. Miracles,

Mike Rogers from Tokyo showed up today and a dear woman from Australia who was a human shield in Iraq and knows that the Iraqi people are not jumping for joy that the policies of Bush
destroyed their country.

This is an extremely short post today ... I am exhausted.


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