Sunday, August 14, 2005

Reports from LA Green From the Peace Front in Crawford

Report below forwarded by Leenie Halbert of the Louisiana Green Party.
Andrea is Andrea Garland, also a Louisiana
From a Green, who's on the scene with Cindy Sheehan at the Camp Casey protest vigil in Crawford, Texas. Leenie also sends us the link for a video documentary from Crawford: t

From Andrea last night

"I'm too tired now, but I have an amazing story to tell you about how she handled a pro war currently enlisted Iraqi soldier (army journalist) who showed up this morning to talk to us. We talked to him for awhile... oh, well, I might as well tell the story now... a bunch of people talked to him, he was basically polite and respectful and while some people didn't want to talk to him (but were not confrontational, they just went elsewhere), I and others were pleased that he at least professed to wanting to engage in dialogue. He gradually worked his way to the other side of the camp and was talking to my buddy Ward and others - Ward says he was basically brainwashed, and asked him a few questions he couldn't answer. Anyway, Cindy gave a press conference and they guy walked up to her and said about Casey dying 'but he was just a drop in the bucket.' Everyone was pretty aghast and the press was all sorts of ready to catch Cindy's response.

What did Cindy do? She walked up to him, grabbed him by the hand and walked off into the triangle (that we aren't supposed to be on) with him and told the media to leave them alone. They talked for about 45 seconds and next thing everyone knew they were hugging each other
- a big, real hug. And the guy left, you could tell just by the way he walked that something had
changed. We don't need to know what she said, just that this is how Cindy handles this sort of
thing. Nothing seems to upset her, except for Casey - and what else, really, could upset her -
Casey equals all the pain in the world and I don't think anything else can hurt her now - so
instead of getting angry or defensive or having any of the reactions a lot of us might have to a
statement like that (and his comments upset a lot of people there) she just knew what to address in him - I'm not sure exactly what, but she changed something in him. And so she sets the tone for the whole camp."

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