Thursday, October 06, 2005

Medical staff needed at free medical clinic in Algiers, New

Common Ground is a community-run organization offering
temporary assistance and mutual aid to the citizens of
New Orleans and the surrounding areas. Common Ground's
team includes doctors, lawyers, aid workers, community
organizers, and volunteers of all stripes and creeds.

Here is a live web stream from New Orleans: Listen to
MP3 stream

If you would like to volunteer to assist Common Ground
bring relief to those affected by the aftermath of
Hurricane Katrina, please read our How You Can Help

How You Can Help

Medical Aid


Common Ground is seeking medics and licensed health
professionals (MD's, RN's, Nurse Practitioners,
Physicians Assistants) who can staff our free medical
clinic in Algiers, New Orleans, Louisiana. If you can
offer your time and expertise, please first Read this
info for new volunteers

Temporary phone and location: (504) 361-9659, 1401
Teche St. Algiers, LA 70114.

We are working to transition the Clinic into a
permanent primary-care community-controlled health
clinic. Medical material donations and packaged
medications (non-expired) are welcome.

Mail to: Common Ground Health Clinic, PO Box 3216,
Gretna, LA 70034.


Common Ground is currently delivering large quantities
of both food and hygiene supplies to those in the
Algiers area and beyond, including areas that remain
unvisited by traditional support organizations. We are
in need of basic supplies like toothpaste, shampoo,
etc., as well as safety gear like rubber boots and
mold/pollen-strength dust masks.

If you would like to send supplies directly to the
Common Ground group, please use the following Post
Office box:

Common Ground
P.O. Box 3216
Gretna, LA 70054

Keep in mind that while we can recieve
reasonably-sized packages at this special, temporary
PO BOX, larger donations should be shipped in directly
to one of Common Ground's community relief centers.
Please send an short, informative email to to arrange your donation

Direct Monetary Contributions

If you would like to send cheques, please make them
payable to:

Common Ground
331 Atlantic Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70114


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