Monday, July 03, 2006

GPUS Steering Committee

I am running for one of three seats open on the Green Party of the United States SC. Here's my letter I sent out asking folks to endorse. If you want to endorse too, send an email that says SC Endorsement in the subject to

Dear Friends,

I am working on creating materials and other items for my campaign for Sterering Committee of the Green Party of the United States. As part of my campaign strategy, I am seeking endorsements, comments or quotes about why others think I would be good for this role. I am asking folks who have worked with me both inside and outside of the party, from a broad spectrum of political and geographical backgrounds for their input.

I trust my commitment to bridge building in the party and my dedication to striving to create a more peacefully culture in the Party are well known. I hope that the work I have put into building the party will pay off with your support.

I would be honored, if you chose to endorse me. And further honored, if you would like to submit a comment or quote with that endorsement. These may be used in my campaign materials for steering committee.

Here's some things I feel I bring to the table: ENTHUSIASM!, Commitment to the ten key values, an established network in the social justice movement to help build the party, experience with balancing large budgets, experience organizing on a shoe string, strong project management skills, a willingness to disagree in a respectful matter, the ability to say the tough truths while doing so seeking positive dialogue, an eagerness to reachout to those who disagree, a history of activism and involvement at the national, state, and local level, a four time elected delegate from my state to the National Committee of the GPUS, experience as two term Co-Chair of the Green Party of Florida, the ability to articulately represent the GPUS to the media, a dedication to working towards our ideals both thru electoral politics and direct action, and the brass to go to jail for what I believe.

If you think, I would be an asset to GPUS Steering Committee, I hope I will have your support.

Please, email me with your endorsements at this address with GPUS SC in the subject line.

GPAX Rocks,

PS. I am also sending to a few friends who I understand may not be able to endorse due to conflicts of interest, in those cases, this is an FYI


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