Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The Bus Came By and I got On

Time is ticking for the bus trip. The event line up gets more amazing by the minute. But the riders on the bus are where it is really at. Some of the most inspiring folks from South Florida's elctoral reform and peace and justice activism scene will be on it.

The worksops will be wonderful and each participant will get an activist kit with loads of information about the participating organization.

But the best part for me, is making the phone calls to others. Letting them know what we are up to and hearing what their groups are doing. Its amazing how sometimes the more you give the more you get. For a few weeks now I have been going full blast, when every night has been filled with meetings, projects, phone banking, organizing, recruiting, and fundraising. It is seems the harder I work, the more energy I have. A lot of this energy boost comes from the multiplying factor of working with other grassroots organizers. And there is definitely a momentum happening.

The sleeping giant of the peace movement is reawakening after the Kerry campaign sent it packing. And the Greens are in the forefront of the movement. We will be front and center on September 24. The civil rights and electoral reform folks are raising their voices in unison. America is waking.

So the time is now to get to the streets and raise your voice. We got a very nice bus. You got to ride it. So get on board and come hurl yourself through space with a bus load of the most amazing folks you will ever meet to land in a far away city that for one day will resonate with a unified voice. A voice of justice and peace. Come to Atlanta. ( And after Atlanta begin to work toward Sept 24th)

Still some spots open if anyone wants on just check out


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