Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Camp Casey in NYC Gains Ground

Camp Casey NYC is going strong. Read Zool's message from the Camp below. The Greens Peace Committee is now accepting online donations which will help Greens like Zool continue to lead the peace movement

Check out GPAX here:


Sisters & Brothers--

"Camp Casey NYC", located at the southwest corner of Union Square, remains
encamped mid-Day 3, Wednesday, August 17. This, now ongoing, vigil was
kicked off Monday afternoon, August 15, by several activists and artists
following a rally in support of Cindy Sheehan sponsored by the Troops Out
Now coalition.

Tuesday, during the evening of Day 2, attorney Leonard Weinglass spent two
hours in Union Square encouraging anti-war activists at this "non-sectarian
Camp Casey NYC". Surrounded by banners and posters, and offering literature
from diverse anti-war groups (such as United for Peace and Justice, the
Green Party, MoveOn and the International Action Center, among others),
supporters of Cindy Sheehan's Crawford, Texas vigil, included Greens,
liberal Democrats, libertarian Republicans and anarchists, as well as, men
and women of all colors and ancestry, young and old, war veterans and
homeless people (many a combination of all these).

As of this morning, we collected over 50 personal letters for Cindy from New
Yorkers (and people from around the world passing through Union Square). A
dozen were delivered by hand to Cindy in Crawford this afternoon by anti-war
veteran and activist Dustin Langley. We expect to see the building of a
"Camp Casey NYC Mailbox" begin this afternoon and we will encourage folks to
continue writing and expect that all these letters will be delivered to
Cindy by hand. We will continue to read some of these letters out loud in
Union Square throughout the day and night.

At 7:30 PM this evening, we will participate in the candlelight vigil for
Cindy sponsored by MoveOn. We continue to request that folks in the New
York City area join us for a few hours during the day or overnight. Please
bring "Camp Casey NYC" banners and all manner of anti-war signs, please
bring small tents or models of encampments, musical instruments (especially
if you can play one), and whatever else your inspiration may provide,
allowing "Camp Casey NYC" to remain viable in our ongoing support of Cindy
Sheehan's breakthrough anti-war protest. Thanks and best wishes.


PS If you care to contact us, you may reach me at 646-549-1615, batteries


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