Wednesday, November 16, 2005

So I have dusted off and am back

What a hurricane season. And it isn't even over. I have lived in south Florida my whole life. Been through a few storms growing up. But it was just a handful until last year. We were hit directly by two hurricanes last year. Then again with Wilma last month. That's three hurricanes in fourteen months.

So I have not been blogging. My house is fine. We had lots of tree canopy damage at my place. But the electric and phone are all restored. You should expect to see more of me now that I am reconnected with the cyber world.

Locally, lots of amazing things are happening. We will have at least one solid candidate this election cycle out of a crop of four prospectives. We will begin a film series in January partnering with a different organization every month.

Statewide we have an amazing IRV initiative going on here in Florida. I went across the state to Sarasota to help gather signatures and hopefully the voters of Sarasota will soon have the option to implement IRV.

Coming up in January I have my court dates for the civil disobedience arrests from DC in Sept. I will let everyone know how that turns out.

And in December I plan to go to New Orleans to cast away the corporate holidays and replace it with a better pastime, helping them rebuild.

So I am glad to be back and hope to have lots of new content for the inquiring minds.



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