Monday, July 03, 2006

My Bio For Steering Committee

I have been involved with activism since high school, when I first began marching for environmental , peace and justice, and anti-nuke issues. However, it was not until I made initial contact with the Green Party that I began to make the transition from activist to organizer.

I currently serve as Co-Chair of the Palm Beach County Green Party. The PBC Green Party has run two candidates and won both elections. I worked on both campaigns extensively, from the initial recruiting through the wins. Through my local, I have worked on tenant issues, hurricane relief, immigration issues, election reform, environmental, and a slew of other causes.

I became involved at the state level in 2001 as a delegate from my local to the Green Party of Florida.

At the state level, I have served as Co-Chair of the state party for two years. Some of the issues I have worked on at the state level are Coordinating a Green Relief Camp in Suwanee Florida for the hurricane survivors, organizing a Green presence at the Miami FTAA and Ft. Lauderdale OAS protests, organizing a successful lawsuit against the city of Ft. Lauderdale striking down protest rules related to the OAS protest, election reform work, Green campaigns, and lots of peace work.

I have served as a delegate to the GPUS from Florida since 2003. I currently serve on the GPAX committee and am a member of the NWC. I volunteer at the National office when I travel through the DC area. And visit Greens throughout the country while traveling.

I was honored to be selected as one of two MC's at the Green Party rally in DC last September. Two days later, I was arrested twice for committing Civil Disobedience opposing the wars as a Green.

Professionally, I am the administrative director and national marketing director, of mobile medical company.

My purpose of running is to work on building bridges and creating a more positive dialog at the national level. I have established positive working relationships and friendships with Greens from a diversity of philosophical backgrounds. I consider my ability to listen constructively to criticism and to also speak tough truth in the spirit of peace making the greatest assets I bring to the table..

I would like to see the National dialog turn to a more constructive use of our delegates time, and to be a safe place to create and nourish a national strategy.

My candidacy was unanimously approved at the last meeting of the GPF.

To find out more about me and who is endorsing my campaign go to:


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