Monday, July 03, 2006

My first batch of Endorsements for GPUS Steering Committee!

From zool, Amazing Green Party Activist, personal inspiration and friend:


"Having been to jail with Echo--twice in one day, for anti-war protests at the Pentagon and
White House--I know that she has the brass to be an asset on the national steering committee
of the Green Party of the United States."


From Donald Cavanaugh, a local journalist and social activist, who has covered my work:

I am writing to endorse Sarah Steiner in her campaign for Steering Committee of the Green Party of the United States.

As a journalist and freelance writer, I have covered many of the political and social activities that have taken place in Lake Worth and Palm Beach County over the past three years.It seemed that whenever there was an issue of social justice or assistance for our neighbors who have no voice, Sarah was there, offering her hands, her heart and her help.

The work she has recently done for migrant workers in Lake Worth being evicted from housing for code violations is but one of the latest examples of her commitment to humanity and human dignity.

And she never fails to leave the message that she is part of the Green Party and this is what the Greens do. I don’t think you could find a better candidate. She has the visibility, commitment and stamina to promote the party's cause.

Donald Cavanaugh

From Allan Taylor, an PBC ACLU board member whom I have worked on Free Trade, Peace, and Counter Recruitment issues with:

Dear Echo-I will be happy to endorse you. I consider you a dedicated progressive who knows how to get things done. And you can quote me on that!!
Allan Taylor

From Ann Fonfa, a local activist that I have worked on women's, peace, and social justice issues with:

June 29, 2006
To Whom It May Concern:

I first met Echo when I relocated to South Florida in 2003. She was one person I saw over and over at various progressive political events - election problems, women's issues, anti-war, etc.

I know her to be incredibly committed and able to work toward consensus - this I have personally observed. She is very smart and knows how to work with others well.
In our area of South Florida, Echo is a leader, and an outstanding advocate for what she believes in.

I wholeheartedly endorse her for a position on the Steering Committee of the Green Party of the United States.


Ann E. Fonfa
co-president, North Palm Beach County
chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW)
South Palm Beach County Health Chair. NOW
Palm Beach County Citizens for Peace and Justice
Boca Peace Corner, Delray Peace Corner
Founder and President

From Judith Grant, Green Party Activist:

I endorse you!

From Clint Curtis, Congressional Candidate and Election Reform Whistleblower:

I would be glad to endorse you.

Comment for campaign.

I have worked on several projects with Sarah involving election reform. She is a great organizer, tireless worker, and shows greater commitment to the cause than almost anyone else I have encountered. She is a great asset to any party.

Clint Curtis
Vote Fraud Whistleblower
Democratic Candidate US Congress FL-24

From Drew Martin local Sierra and Solar Energy Activist:


I believe that you have been an effective community leader in promoting
environmental concerns and social justice.


From John Pauly, PBC ACLU Attorney, Human Rights Activist, who has been
Involved in International Election Oversite work with the Carter center:

hey echo, i'd love to endorse you. i'll write something up this weekend and email it to you.

good luck, john

From Susan Moseley, local Green, organizer of the Palm Beach County Peace
and Justice Coalition:

I would like to endorse Echo Steiner for Steering Committee of the Green Party of the United States. I think she would be good for this role. I have worked with her both inside and outside of the party, and in coalition with local peace and justice groups.

Echo has demonstrated strong leadership ability and she enthusiastically conveys the beauty of the ten key values. Couple that with her experience with balancing large budgets, experience organizing on a shoe string, and proficient project management skills, and it is clear that she would be an asset to the GPUS Steering Committee

From Henry Lawrence, Florida Green, Bicycle Activist, friend and hopeful soon to be Green Candidate for State House:

Echo, You know you have MY Endorsement. Please use my name however you need to. There are many who are still involved with the GPUS SC and NC who remember my name and face, at least from Milwaukee, who know I am a Peace Maker as well.


From YOU!:
If you would like to endorse my candidacy,
please email me at

with the subject of GPUS SC


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