Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Move On Needs to Move Over!

I dont know how you folks feel. But I am getting pretty tired of move on and their watered down progressive facade. Recently, they had the audacity to send out a preelection poll in Florida. In the poll, they described Sen. Nelson (D) as a progressive candidate. He is running against the queen of the peacocks, Katherine Harris (R).

Now, I know Katherine Harris could scare the living breath out of even Tammy Faye Baker should you approach this festooned creature without warning. But to call Nelson a progressive. Maybe progressive as in progressively getting worse, proggressively moving the Democrat party further toward political irrelevence.

The reason they are calling him progressive, to fool democrats that fancy themselves progressive into supporting him.

So now Move On sends me another email. They are asking me to call Nelson and ask him to vote yes on the Truth in Media bill. Now why would I have to call a progressive to urge them to do the right thing.

Do me a favor Move On, start including your contact info. I would like to call to discuss real support of progressive candidates. But your emails never have any way to contact you. I can figure out how to send you money. Is it just progressive dollars and votes you are fishing for, or will you eventually be interested in hearing real progressive voices and supporting real progressive candidates.

The more I know about Move On, the happier I am that I am a Green.