Thursday, August 18, 2005

More still Needed in Crawford

So last night we had vigils all around my county. Six in my county to be exact. The one in my hometown was only organized with 24 lead time and still managed to draw around 65. Others in the area had at least 200.

And the faces I saw were not the same ones I have been seeing for the last 4 years. There were many new ones.

Cindy was the wake up alarm for the peace movement. Unfortunately, she has left Crawford due to her mother's help. But last night tens of thousands mothers came to join Cindy. And Camp Casey was always more than just one Mother. It is more important that more continue to go to Crawford.

Please work to send people to Crawford. Or to the other Camp Caseys Springing up. GPAX is helping to coordinate Greens to Crawford, so please consider making a donation to help them support the peace movement.

Speaking of other ones. I have received a report from NYC Camp Casey:

Many more greens have shown up and they now have the NYS Green banner, They had aprox. 1000 people there last night.


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