Friday, August 19, 2005

Can you feel the stirring?

Over the last few days people have started calling with that question for me again. What can I do to stop the war?

The good news is the movement that at one time was the largest prewar antiwar movement is now awakening and on the ramp up. Just as our Government called for a ramp up in Iraq, the peace movement began an even more powerful ramp up. And folks can feel the stir.

Recently even the corporate media have to admit that there are now more opposed to this war than ever before.

Now today comes the word that UFPJ and ANSWER will unite and share a rally and march. This has the potential to be the largest antiwar rally in History. We have the power and the time to make it happen. And the Greens are ramping it up.

Across the country Green activists are planning for rallies in their local area, for buses to go to DC, to coordinate events in DC, and to keep the movement growing beyond that.

Below I have information about Buses from the Hudson Valley in New York and buses from Florida. Following that is a survey that you can fill out and send back to the GPUS Peace Action Committee to help us create a one stop shop for Sept 24th actions. Where you will soon be able to find out various info about local and national events for the 24th and where to find a bus.

From Hudson Valley Activist Newsletter, Aug. 19, 2005:


The two leading American antiwar coalitions < href=""> or call (845) 255-5779 and
tell us you want a reservation. Supply your name, town, boarding location
(Kingston, New Paltz or Poughkeepsie), email address, telephone number and
the names of those in your party if you are reserving for others as well.

Then make out your check to ³Newsletter² and mail it to HV Activist
Newsletter, PO Box 662, New Paltz, NY 12561. We will get back to you with
full information, including pickup times, locations, details about the event
and instructions about what to bring, food, etc.

As usual we want to reduce prices for people of low income and students. Our
ability to do this depends on the generosity of our activist readers. We
truly value your contributions because they make it possible for a number of
people to join the protest who otherwise would have to remain home. Make
out your check and mail it as above, but write ³contribution² on the memo
line so we will earmark it for that purpose.

From South Florida:
Leaving Sept 23rd

Leaving Miami:

7:00am U U church at 7701sw. 76th ave

8:00 to 8:30 Golden glades park and ride

Fort Lauderdale

9:00 1420 sw. 13th street

North Broward

10:00am Tri-Rail Amtrak station Hillsboro Blvd. and I 95

West Palm

11;00 TBA

Fare is $95.00 round trip. We are seeking donations to provide scholarships for activists who need assistance. You are responsible for your food.

Make check out to the Palm Beach County Green Party.
We will arrive in DC at 8:00am, plain is to disimbark at a Metro Station in Northern Va. and ride the train to the event. We will return to
the bues by way of the Metro in the evening, TBA.

For more info call Ray at 754-423-0051 or email

And finally the GPAX Survey.

Please take a moment to share this survey with all your contacts and fill out the following Questionnaire and email it to:

The GPUS Peace Committee (GPAX) is collecting Data on Sept 24th events to be shared on our website to help coordinate resources between National, State, and Local Greens. We appreciate your participation in this survey and ask that you keep checking back at our website where we will be providing updated info on the Green Party's 9/24 events and information on resources.

Please share any information on Sept 24th events, regardless of
whether it is an officially sanctioned Green event.

Name of person filling out questionaire:

Email of person filling out questionaire:

What are Greens in your area / state doing to mobilize for the peace
events on September 24th?

Local Events:
What local or State 9/24 events/actions do you know about (please list
events and details)?

Are the local/state Greens participating in these events (organizing,
speaking, marching, attending) please describe?

Are there any Greens speaking at these Events (please include names and
contacts if available)?

Do you have locals participating in the DC event ?

Do you know of buses that will be traveling from your area to this event
(please include details, who is organizing, and contact if available )?

Have you ever been to ?

Please share your impressions….


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