Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Brother's and Sister's Keepers

So I have been away working on Katrina Relief and will give a full update once I get a chance to breathe and think it all through. In the meantime I will be sharing info on other Greens who doing the same.

Various Green Relief Projects and other Katrina Related info is below:

Just wanted to let you know that I'm coordinating with folks all over the country--community
organizers and peace groups, primarily--and with organizers on the ground in the Katrina disaster area to send buses full of supplies to local groups in the disaster area and relocation areas, bringing back full buses of folks for whom we have long-term temporary housing and support volunteered. The first bus load rolled out of Minnesota, bound for Houston, on Saturday night.

By working with individual community groups and local organizers, we are hoping to address the needs that are not understood or addressed by the "corporate" aid organizations and government agencies.

Right now we need to hear from:
a.. folks and organizations who have buses that could make the trip--or who have contacts with
bus companies... (wouldn't it be great if all the casino buses were "re-purposed" for disaster

b.. folks with valid licenses to drive buses

c.. folks and organizations who are willing to organize drops of needed supplies

d.. folks who have specialized skills (medical, psychological, infrastructure reconstruction,
other logistical) who are willing to spend some time in the disaster area

e.. folks who can provide housing and other support locally including liaison with schools
and social services. In addition, we can use donations of money for gas and expenses and
donations of gas and phone cards.

If you are in contact with community organizers in the affected areas and are aware of specific
needs, please let us know so we can target those needs.

To learn more and to donate money, go to <>. To volunteer as an
organizer or to donate "in kind" or to share information about relief needs and contacts,
please go to

(This is a temporary site until we can set up a web domain specifically for this purpose.) If you are organizing relief for other organizations, please let us know so that we can coordinate activities.

Jane Hunter
Green Party of NJ
732-310-8829 (mobile)

From: "Gwen Wages" <>,
Mississippi Green Party member and national co-chair of the Green Party:

"The Green Party of Lee County (MS) is in NE MS and is stable. We are discussing being the Green Clearing house for information and humanitarian aid. We have a bank account, website, gasoline, even offers of homes (from Greens) for the displaced from around the US. We can mobilize readily being in the center, 5 hours to 1 day drive from New Orleans, and MS, AL , and Fl coast. We also know a few back roads [that] FEMA and other non locals seem to be ignoring...."

Rebuild Green

Malik Rahim, a Black Panthers veteran and Green who recently ran for New Orleans City Council, stayed at his home in the Algiers neighborhood (one of the few areas not flooded) and did several radio interviews (listen to one at <>).
His article "This is criminal" has been widely published and can be read at

Rahim is organizing 'Rebuild Green' to coordinate Green relief & help get supplies and other aid to people; donations are urgently needed. Call 415-575-5555; a website will be up soon.

(Mike Howell is a New Orleans Green and resident of the French Quarter)

from Marty Rowland of New Orleans C3, Concern, Community, Compassion
Forwarded Message

Date: Tue, 6 Sep 2005 18:50:18 -0400 (GMT-04:00)
Subject: [NOLA_C3_Discussion] importance of
political stand to remain in city


Please pass this around. C3 member Mike Howells wanted the blogosphere to know the political
importance of having residents stay in the city during martial law. There are many jobs during
the current rebuilding effort that could be worked by people like Mike and others who are still there. There's no reason to move everyone out. In fact, others should be allowed in preferentially for just that purpose.

We cannot allow our city to be sterilized by a foreign culture of Halliburton contract help.

As long as C3 has a member in the city, C3 has standing in the issuance of demands such as
guaranteeing that elections in the spring of 2006 go as planned, with the entire New Orleans
diaspora voting with their drivers licenses, or the fact they have been processed in the many
shelters around the country.

We cannot allow the post-Katrina New Orleans government to go back to business as usual, where the poor were being systematically driven from their homes, black youth killed by police, and our educational system driven into mayhem through sinister political operatives. We have to rip off the ugly face of racist / classist New Orleans....dead bodies floating in canals is nothing to what was going on every day in pre-Katrina New Orleans, and THAT New Orleans HAS to change.


Useful info forwarded from Vicki Santa, station manager of WMNF, 88.5FM community radio (greater Tampa Bay, Florida):

Subj: WWOZ-in-Exile and Astrodome Radio

Great news that WWOZ is up and running online -- WWOZ-in_Exile at their website address

Their website is filled with info, including aid links for new orleans artists, and some harrowing
first-person tales from our friends at the station.

Community radio--an online version--is back up and running for the people of New Orleans.

On another note, the FCC gave permission for immediate launch of an temporary emergency LPFM signal in and around the Astrodome in Houston--and equipment and knowledgable persons were headed there over the weekend.

Will keep you updated as more (and more) info pours in.


Vicki Santa
WMNF 88.5 FM Community Radio [Tampa, Florida]


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