Thursday, August 25, 2005

Attention Green Business Owners!

Attention Green business owners!

Help us build a directory of economic resources for Green party members and those interested in
sustainable economics. Our website includes links to sites on socially responsible investing,
sustainable economics, and the Green Party, plus a list of businesses in the United States owned
by Greens.

This directory is different from other green business directories in that it is devoted exclusively to
businesses owned by Green party members, so we can support each other financially and
demonstrate our vision of a working, healthy, reality-based economy.

If you are a Green, would like to be listed, and your business tries to encompass the value system
expressed in the Green Party platform on economics, please send in your business listing to:

Listing is free of charge.


Green-Owned Businesses:

Green Party of the United States' platform plank on economics:

If you have suggestions for how to improve this site, please don't
hesitate to let me know.

Deirdre Helfferich
Green Party of Alaska
Tanana-Yukon Green Party


At 8/25/2005, Blogger Castaway said...

Great idea for a blog. Hopefully you can also assist greens who want to support companies with like minded practices.

Earth House Hold

At 8/25/2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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