Thursday, September 01, 2005

Fiddling while New Orleans Flooded

Nero fiddled while Rome burned, Bush played the encore while New Orleans Flooded. Tuesday a full twenty four hours after storms and devastation hit our Nation, Bush vacationed.

While families sat waiting on rooftops and waters continued to rise. He was hangin in Crawford taking what is one of the longest vacations of a US President in decades. In fact his vacation was longer than President Harrisons entire presidency, who was the first president to die in office just a month into his term.

And I guess maybe it was a good thing he took awhile to get back to work. Since his first response was to think about his oil buddies supply. Not water, not food, not medicine, not shelter, he was thinking OIL!

And meanwhile back in Bagdad 100,000 or so of our national guard and military are hunting terrorist while thousands of American stand on a highway and await their fate. For many it will be death because the resources are not hitting them fast enough. Babies are being born on a highway. A woman sits over her husbands body, after the police refused to stop to help. There are recurring reports of public suicides, looting, and the systematic abandonning of refugees on a highway without food, water, shelter or supplies.

We can not fiddle along. We must move as a nation. We must open our homes and empty our closets. Because Nero couldnt give a flying fuck about the poor of Rome and W dont care either. Those folks standing on a highway in the Louisiana Summer without relief aren't exactly a bunch of country club folks. And every hummer driving out should be filled and bringing folks to refuge. And ever one driving in should be filled with food, drink, and supplies.

But instead they are going to stop the looting. Looting is currently one of the only sources for some for food in the hardest hit areas. We will bring them guns to make sure they stay orderly as they sit on the road and wait for America to do something.

Greens all over the country are discussing ways to provide relief. A resource page will be up soon. Be thinking of what resources you have. We will have a need for it soon.

We must be the change we want to see.


At 9/04/2005, Anonymous Steve Kramer said...


I wanted to say thank you for the swift and compassionate response that you have had in regards to this tragedy. You are a living embodiment of Green values.



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