Thursday, August 25, 2005

Right attacks Walter Reed Vigil

This just in from Ann Wilcox. For those of you who will be in the DC area the Friday before Sept 24th.


In response to the leadership and visibility of the
anti-war movement sparked by Cindy Sheehan and her
supporters, the right wing has started to strike back
- in an attempt to smear our efforts. An article
appears in today's, (Cybercast News
service), written by Marc Morano, on the Walter Reed
Army Hospital vigil, which has been held every Friday
since late March. Additional reports are appearing in
other right-wing web-sites, and some CodePink
activists have received "hate" phone calls (I have!).

Our vigils are peaceful, and emphasize our support and
empathy for the large numbers of wounded - and the
importance of recognizing their rehabilitation as part
of the "cost of war." The vigil is sponsored by Code
Pink as well as Veterans for Peace and other allied

For about 6 weeks, "anti's" (about 15-20 Free Republic
folks) have also appeared across the street at WR on
Fridays - sporting flags and large signs denouncing
Code Pink and supporting the war effort. we need to
maintain our presence - now more than ever. Join us!
We plan a large vigil on Friday, sept. 23, at the
beginning of the weekend of anti-war activities in DC.
For more information see, or
contact Ann Wilcox 202-441-3265 or Gael Murphy.


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