Wednesday, August 24, 2005

We Want You To Help GPAX End the War!


Dear Greens,

The Green Party's Peace Action Committee (GPAX) needs your help. We need you to forward this message to every email contact you have. Put it on your blogs and print it out and share it with all your friends.

The Green Party's Peace Action Committee has been busy working to help ramp up the resistance to the Bi-Partisan support of the Pentagon's announcements to ramp up the troop levels in the current wars.

One of the projects that GPAX has been working on is support of Cindy Sheehan and her quest to ask the President some very tough questions. We have been encouraging and sending Greens to go to Crawford and we will continue to work to provide logistical support for those Greens making the journey.

Greens around the country have also participated in organizing and attending vigils and camps in support of Cindy and to demand that we Bring Them Home Now!

We have also put a petition on our homepage at supporting Cindy's request to meet with Bush.

We are asking for you to:

1. Sign the Petition supporting Cindy at

2. Go to Crawford if you can to support Cindy as the vigil nears the ending days.

3. Plan for Sept 24th. Whether you come to DC, Birmingham or participate locally, we need an all out for Sept 24th. We need Greens to be visible as Greens. The GPAX will soon be providing logistical information with eventw, buses, and speakers for the many rallies to take place on 9/24.

4. Contact GPAX and let them know what Sept 24th events are happening in your area, so GPAX can provide help others in your area find you. Email: and request a survey to submit your information.

5. Check out the GPAX page, where you can make a donation to keep all this wonderful work happening.

Thank you for supporting GPAX's work for a peaceful tomorrow.

In Service,


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